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Nutritional Bite
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The Importance of a Healthy Gut in Pregnancy, by Dr Jolene Birghten

Dr. Jolene Brighten

I recently read an article by Dr. Jolene Brighten titled the importance of a healthy gut and pregnancy. She has a saying that I think everyone should know: 

“A Mother is both the seed and the soil to her child”.

A woman’s gut health does affect the health of her child’s immune system. When I talk about got health I am referring to your overall health.  The gut is where nutrients are absorbed and utilized by our body’s.  Mom’s gut health will be babies gut health. Something to keep in mind, research has shown that incidence of Celiac disease, Diabetes and Asthma is higher in infants born via C-section. Some mothers will not have a choice when it comes to C-section delivery. This is why we need to maintain gut health regardless of what may happen when it comes to giving birth. Our gut health is what strengthens our immune system.

Whatever nutrients you’re lacking during pregnancy will also affect the health of your unborn child. The amazing growth of the child within you is truly a miracle from God.  Two of the best things you can do during your pregnancy is to have proper sleep and eat foods that are high in nutrients. Getting both proper sleep and foods high in nutrients will greatly strengthen your Gut thereby strengthening your immune system.

One of my concerns during pregnancy when not eating Foods that are high in nutrients is the overall effect on the mother. The child within you will take all that it needs for its growth during this time of pregnancy. Sometimes after a woman has given birth she may experience postpartum depression. Upon a blood test this condition will sometimes show a decline in levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin B and the minerals Chromium and Manganese along with omega-3.

To increase the amount of nutrient absorption in the gut probiotics are highly effective and I recommend USANA probiotics (information for ordering can be found at the end of this post). Optimizing gut health insurers your ability to eat, digest and absorb all the nutrients in food’s you eat. 

During pregnancy a Mother’s Health should be the only priority, her feelings of happiness, her feelings of sadness, her feelings of joy.  All of these emotions could be affected by the health of her got. This is where a man can have a huge impact during the pregnancy by letting mom know that she will be taken care of, greatly reducing the amount of stress during this time. 

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