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3:10 PM

What to Eat for Healthy Skin

Our skin is our first line of defense against the harshness of the world. Keeping your skin healthy is vital to your overall health. 5 Simple things we can do include... Read More

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1:33 PM

BMI: The Skinny on Body Mass Index

When it comes to self-measurement tools to determine a healthy weight, possibly the most popular—or at least one of the most talked about—is body mass index (BMI). While you can use your BMI as a starting point to determining where you might need to improve health wise, BMI itself is not an indicator of your individual health. Read More

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11:31 AM

Low Glycemic Foods Made Easy – "End the Hangry"

I tend to get "Hangry" pretty easily. (Hungry + Angry). When it comes to snacking, choosing healthy snacks that are low glycemic are your best bet. The Low-Down on Low Glycemic Foods. On a Scale of 0 to 100, How Hungry Do You Feel ? 7 Low Glycemic Snacks You’ll Be Glad You Tried. Read More

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2:15 PM

5 Decisions to Improve Your Health in 28 Days

Can a month change your life? “Yes” In fact, I don’t think you need a month, or a week, or even a day. Life changes in mere moments. Split-second decisions. It all comes down to the decisions you make in the little moments of each day. So, what split-second decisions can you make each day over the next 28 days to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime? Read More

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12:56 PM

The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management: Stress Management 101 (Part 2 of 2)

Ways to Combat Stress: Time Out, Accept You Can’t Control It All, Talk to Someone You Trust, Eat Nutritious and Balanced Meals, Limit Alcohol and Caffeine, Exercise, Sleep Well, Yoga, Time Management, Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), Practice Resilience. Read More

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1:22 PM

The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management: Stress Management 101 (Part 1 of 2)

77% of people experience physical symptoms such as fatigue/headache because of stress. 73% experience psychological symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, or lack of energy. Common causes of stress are money, the economy, and work. Read More

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12:58 PM

Weekend Edition: Fact or Fiction? Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

We’re about to tackle a common misconception that confuses many people, muscle does not weigh more than fat. One pound of fat takes up about 4 X's the amount of space that one pound of muscle does. A healthy body fat to muscle ratio is…Every person is different. Read More

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8:50 AM

Emotional Detox 101 (Women, Men & Teenagers)

Emotional detox, Our emotions are a powerful force that can impact our physical health, financial health, and it has influence on others as well. Holding onto emotions like fear, insecurity, doubt, and anger prevents us from living an abundant life full of opportunity and leaves less room for positive emotions to grow and flourish.  Read More

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5:26 AM

A Couple’s Quest for Quality Health

For some, retirement means you get to slow down and rest from your labors. I',m living my life to be creative, adventurous, and enriching to the very end. Healthy living breaks down into four parts: daily exercise, adequate rest, reduction of stress, and a high-quality diet. Read More

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7:18 PM

Pro Tips for a High Protein Diet

Protein. It’s one of the most important topics when it comes to improving your physique. Muscle is made of protein. So naturally, if you boost your protein intake, you’ll build muscle. But not all high protein diets are created equal. Read More