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The most dreaded and feared time of year is slowly creeping up on all the children out there. That’s right—it’s almost back to school time. The horror!

Once the back to school commercials start popping up and your local grocery store has back to school specials—you know your summer of fun is about to end. There is no worse feeling for a kid than knowing your days of waking up at 10 and eating Reese’s Puffs for breakfast, second breakfast, and lunch are coming to a rapid close.

Back to school time also means that the parents out there need to get their act together and pick up new school supplies and ideas on how to keep their kids happy, healthy, and satisfied.

When kids get home after a long day at school—they get hungry—so very hungry. If there aren’t health conscious snacks from them to eat—they will go straight for the junk food. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 10 great after school snack ideas for those moms and dads out there to show off to their kids once they go back to school.

PB & J Bites (Source:
Peanut butter and jellies are a staple for kids (and adults) and this recipe puts a fun spin on the timeless classic.


Frozen Yogurt Grapes (Source:
Fruit and yogurt is always an amazing combination—and these chilled snacks are perfect for those first few weeks of school when it’s still hot outside. Pro-tip for a treat for the parents to enjoy—frozen grapes are a great accessory to add to your wine.


Pita Nachos (Source:
Nachos are a huge guilty pleasure for a lot of people out there, but the combination of tortilla chips and cheese doesn’t necessarily scream healthy. These pita nachos are a tasty twist that skew a little healthier than the original nachos.


Chicken Kabobs with Peanut Sauce (Source:
This recipe is a great alternative to unhealthy chicken fingers and chicken nuggets and can introduce your child to some new and exciting flavors.


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