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1:23 PM

Fact or Fiction: You’re Only Contagious Before You Know You’re Sick

The flu is a viral infection that comes with some annoying symptoms. Like the flu, common colds are also viruses. And the symptoms are essentially the same as the flu but usually less severe. And fevers are not always associated with colds. Maybe this varies because there are more than 200 types of cold viruses. Read More

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2:17 PM

Fact or Fiction: Avoid Fats At All Costs

Just writing the word makes me upset. But why? Is it because the word has been demonized by the weight loss and food industries? I’m constantly trying to stay fit and educating myself on the best ways to maintain a healthy diet that complements my workout regimen, I thought it could be interesting to tackle the subject of fat in this edition of Fact or Fiction. Read More

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2:06 PM

Pour Some (Facts About) Sugar On Me

Sugar is a macronutrient known as a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates come in simple forms such as sugars and in more complex forms such as starches and fiber. Most foods naturally contain some sugars, but they are most concentrated in fruits, vegetables and grains. Whether it’s starch or sugars such as fructose, sucrose, glucose or galactose, the body breaks them down or uses them as glucose, a simple sugar that the body can use to feed its cells. Read More

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12:51 PM

Scientifically Speaking: The Health of Our Children

We’re molding future generations day in and day out, teaching them valuable lessons that hopefully result in a smarter, healthier... Parenting, It’s kind of a huge responsibility (and I mean "HUGE"), and we shouldn’t take it lightly. We develop the habits our Children will have for the rest of their lives by the choices we make for them from birth to teenage years. Read More

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1:26 PM

Good Nutrition at Every Age

Health at every age starts before birth, and the basics of good nutrition are a key building block. The quality of food during pregnancy may have an influence on health outcomes. Time and have enjoyable and “mindful” family meals. Read More

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12:51 PM

7 Ways to Promote Kids’ Healthy Body Image and Active Lifestyle

In response to concerns over the rising rates of childhood obesity, awareness that families and communities must work together to change this trend and promote healthy eating and active living has started to receive more priority. So what can families do to promote healthy bodies and active living? Here are seven tips to get started. Read More

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1:09 PM

7 Myths About Nutritional Supplements, Myth #7 and Recap of All Myths

Create your own personalized MyHealthPak and choose which supplements you want in your 30-day supply. They slap your name on the box and BAM…you’re all set. Read More

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12:02 PM

7 Myths About Nutritional Supplements, Myth #6

“Those who believe that you can get all the nourishment, including vitamins and minerals, you need to sustain optimal health throughout life from food alone can be very smug". There’s new technology being used in vitamins that nourishes your body Read More

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10:05 AM

7 Myths About Nutritional Supplements, Post 5 of 7

The quality of nutritional supplements can totally vary from brand to brand... You know your nutritional needs aren’t the same as your friends’ or coworkers’, so why are you buying into the latest “one-size-fits-all”... Read More

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1:28 PM

7 Myths About Nutritional Supplements, Post 4 of 7

Only Children and the Elderly need to take supplements ? We know that children develop so quickly in the early stages of their lives, and due to this rapid physical and mental growth, supplementation is needed to assist with proper brain development... As our bodies age, medical issues, a decrease in appetite, and even changes to our digestive systems can lead to potential vitamin deficiencies... Read More