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11:03 AM

1922: Vitamin E

Vitamin E functions as both an antioxidant and it plays a role in supporting anti-inflammatory processes in response to physical activity, and immune health. Read More

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9:54 AM

1913: Vitamin A discovered

The first vitamin to be discovered was Vitamin A in 1913. What role does Vitamin A have for toddlers to teens. Read More

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8:06 AM

The 1900’s: Pellagra (Niacin)

Pellagra is only common in parts of the world today where people have a lot of corn in their diet. Conditions that could be associated with pellagra are diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia Read More

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8:18 AM

The 1890s: Beriberi (B1 Thiamin)

Beriberi was discovered in 1897 by Christiaan Eijkman, a Dutch physician, and pathologist. Read More

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7:34 AM

The 1740’s: Scurvy (Vitamin C)

The British navy observed this and adopted the use of citrus juice from lemon or limes into the sailors’ daily rations. Read More

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7:00 AM

The 1600’s: Rickets (Vitamin D)

England at that time was a place of great inequalities, great riches setting alongside desperate poverty. Read More

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8:19 AM

Vitamins Through the Ages: All You Need to Know

There’s no question that the nutrients we take in play a major role in our health. In fact, we’ve got centuries of trial and error to prove it. Read More

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Improve Aspects of Brain Function in Healthy Children


Integrative Nutrition
12:23 PM

Forest Bathing: What It Is and Why It's Healthy

Wellness trends come and go, but we can always look to nature for timeless wisdom that’ll never go out of style. If you’ve taken a walk in the woods lately, you probably know what we mean. Read More