Health Coach to Children of The World
Nutritional Bite
Nutritional Bite
I will be sharing in areas that relate to the betterment of Children's Health from the ages of 5 to 18. Being healthy encompasses more than the food that is eaten. Being healthy also includes the relationships in your life and the memories you make.
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8:50 AM

Emotional Detox 101 (Women, Men & Teenagers)

Emotional detox, Our emotions are a powerful force that can impact our physical health, financial health, and it has influence on others as well. Holding onto emotions like fear, insecurity, doubt, and anger prevents us from living an abundant life full of opportunity and leaves less room for positive emotions to grow and flourish.  Read More

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5:26 AM

A Couple’s Quest for Quality Health

For some, retirement means you get to slow down and rest from your labors. I',m living my life to be creative, adventurous, and enriching to the very end. Healthy living breaks down into four parts: daily exercise, adequate rest, reduction of stress, and a high-quality diet. Read More

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7:18 PM

Pro Tips for a High Protein Diet

Protein. It’s one of the most important topics when it comes to improving your physique. Muscle is made of protein. So naturally, if you boost your protein intake, you’ll build muscle. But not all high protein diets are created equal. Read More

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9:12 AM

The Unexpected Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is the action of being thankful, and it’s something that can be practiced all year round. And when we practice showing gratitude often, the results can be pretty life-changing. For all the brainiacs in the house, did you know that when we express gratitude, there are actually physiological benefits involved? Read More

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10:50 AM

Pro Tips for a High Plant-Based Protein Diet

I think it’s safe to say, most everyone knows how crucial protein is in your diet. Whether you are a body builder or keep up a casual exercise regimen, no one can deny the power of protein. But what if you don’t eat any animal products? Do you have to give up on your high-protein dreams? Absolutely not. Read More

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5:51 PM

Fact or Fiction: I’m Immune to Colder Weather

Along with proper nutrition, it’s been shown that regular, moderately intense exercise can also help your immune system. Make sure, along with bundling up for seasonal weather, you’re taking the right steps to build up your own natural defense. Read More

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4:29 PM

12 Athlete Approved Breakfast Recipes

For as long as most of us can remember, we’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps get your metabolism going, is linked to improved concentration and gives you that extra burst of energy you need to get your day going. Read More

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12:57 PM

Nutrition for All Ages: Build a Healthy Foundation for Your Family

Keeping track of your children’s schedule, homework, laundry and toys is a full-time job. But their nutritional needs are just as important. Studies show that most children do not get the recommended daily amount of nutrients. USANA has an easy-to-follow nutrition plan for every age to meet the ever-changing nutritional needs of your children as they grow and mature. Read More

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1:04 PM

A Declaration of Strength

I’ve been honored to partner with USANA as a fitness ambassador since the beginning of 2017. While this warm welcome had a lot to do with the healthy lifestyles led by USANA customers and Associates. It’s the common drive to live the healthiest life possible, and that fuels this community of people to support and encourage one another. Read More

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1:30 PM

Family Focus: Keep Your Family Active All Year Long

Here we are with another new year upon us. You’ve probably given thought to some  individual resolutions for 2018, but have you made any goals as a family? It seems there’s always something getting in the way of family time. And before I realize it, we’re no longer doing anything together. Read More