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7:45 AM

Simple Motherhood Lessons Learned From My Children

Mom's and Dad's who raise their kids have something special, sometimes we forget those treasured time's. Here are 3 lessons I learned from raising my kids: 1) Take a Moment to be Silly, 2) Dream Big, Seize Every opportunity, 3) Align Your Priorities. Read More

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7:48 AM

Why Organic is Critical for Children

Myself and others believe that are far more pressing concern should be the chemical content of non-organic fruits and vegetables. As a parent our role of protecting our Children has grown widely or hasn't it? Read More

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7:28 AM

Menopause: Symptoms & Health Risks

September is National Menopause Awareness Month there are 34 recognized symptoms associated with the transition to menopause and actual menopause? Menopause 101, Symptoms of Menopause, Health Risks. Read More

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2:55 PM

3 Ways to Create a Wellness Tribe Wherever You Are

Isn’t it nice when you can let your hair down and just be yourself? When you can share your personal passion, struggles, or vision for the future, and have someone to turn to with questions, someone who actually “gets” you on a deeper level? That’s what a wellness tribe is all about! Read More

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7:32 AM

A New Mom’s Survival Guide to Life with a Picky Eater

10 Choices for a picky eater, and no I'm not talking adults. With the everyday stress of work whether it is employment or the hardest work "Stay at Home Mom/Dad". Sometimes there really is no break in the day. Eating should be one of those times when we can relax. I know myself I always wanted to control how my kids ate. I soon learned that as long as they have healthy options I have done my part. Read More

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9:27 AM

Working Parents: How to Get It All Done

As a single mom, it was nice to make my own schedule each year, but now I’m living the 9-to-5. It’s been a transition time for both my daughter and me.Don’t forget that you need to recharge your batteries in order to be the best you can be at work and at home. Identify what that entails— Read More

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9:42 AM

Snack to School

Yes, it's that time of year our kids sometimes dread and we rejoice (Back to School). Nothing makes our kids more excited than to brag about their Mom or Dad. Read More

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8:15 AM

Close Bond Between Kids, Parents Has Long-Term Health Benefits

"Good parent-child bonds may be necessary to enforce eating, sleep and activity routines," "Children who lack warm relationships with their parents also have higher rates of inflammation and disease as adults, the study found" Read More

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12:31 PM

Discuss the Importance of Healthy School Food for Kids

Most people are looking at the present and not looking in the near future of the compounding health & employment consequences. Health complications alone will be devastating to most of the Future Generation. Read More

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3:30 PM

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Children know you care for them when you do with them, Have a wholesome meal together often. Having a Child/Teenager becoming obese at a young age is greatly increasing health conditions to develop as early as their mid 20's. Read More