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Daily Nutritional Bite
Daily Nutritional Bite
I will be sharing in areas that relate to the betterment of Children's Health from the ages of 5 to 18. Being healthy encompasses more than the food that is eaten. Being healthy also includes the relationships in your life and the memories you make.
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8:27 AM

1746, Zinc Discovered

15 Incredible Benefits Of Zinc: 1) Skin Care: 2) Eczema: 3) Prostate disorder: 4) Cognitive Function: 5) Sense of Smell and Taste: 6) Cold and Infections: 7) Weight loss: 8) Pregnancy and Reproduction: 9) Antioxidant: 10) Enzyme regulation: 11) Cancer: 12) Chronic Fatigue: 13) Alopecia: 14) Bone loss: 15) Night blindness: Read More

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9:43 AM

1817, Selenium Discovered

Selenium is required for the proper activity of a group of enzymes called glutathione peroxidases. These enzymes play a key role in the body's detoxification system and they also provide protection against oxidative stress. (Oxidative stress is physiological circumstance in which there is excessive risk of oxygen-related damage to the body.) Read More

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1:49 PM

1778, Molybdenum Discovered

7 Important Benefits Of Black Beans: 1) Cardiovascular Health 2) Cancer Prevention 3) Digestive Issues 4) Blood Sugar 5) Sulfites and Sexual Dysfunction 6) Nervous System 7) Pre-Natal Health Read More

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12:34 PM

1774, Manganese Discovered

Manganese is a trace mineral that is present in tiny amounts in the body. It is found mostly in bones, the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Manganese helps the body form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors, and sex hormones. Read More

Integrative Nutrition
10:25 AM

Take the Breakfast Experiment

In the world of modern nutrition, almost everyone is on one diet or another, and people dwell on fats, proteins, and lists of “good” and “bad” foods. Low fat, low carb, Paleo, vegan, Atkins…. Read More

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2:11 PM

3000 B.C.,Iron Discovered

Iron is an essential component of hundreds of proteins and enzymes that support essential biological functions, such as oxygen transport, energy production, and DNA synthesis. Read More

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9:25 AM

9000 BC in Iraq, Copper Discovered

Copper is an essential nutrient for all known plants and animals. In humans, copper plays a key role in a number of essential metabolic reactions. Copper is also needed in reactions related to respiration and the release of energy. Copper is an essential cofactor for oxidation-reduction reactions involving copper-containing oxidases. Read More

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7:38 AM

1797, Chromium Discovered

Chromium is an essential mineral known to potentiate insulin action. Chromium is an essential mineral that plays a role in how insulin helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Chromium uptake is enhanced in animals when given at the same time as vitamin C. Read More

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8:24 AM

1669, Phosphorus Discovered

Next to calcium, phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body. Phosphorus is one of the key nutrients our body uses to maintain proper pH. Benefits of Phosphorus: Bone Formation, Digestion, Excretion and Urination, Weakness, Brain Function... Read More

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9:38 AM

1807, Sodium Discovered

Sodium is needed for blood regulation and its absence can cause serious impairment of bodily function. It is a versatile element and occurs in more than eighty different forms. Health Benefits Of Sodium: 1) Water Balance 2) Sunstroke 3) Brain Function 4) Muscle Cramps.... Read More