Health Coach to Children of The World

Team Optimal Cells
Sometimes in life what we get is not what we are asking for, I am talking about what we do for a living.
Inside of us we want to make a difference, for some people it is a big difference, for other people it is a small difference.
We would like to know that our work or contribution is appreciated and making the day better.

Having been a firefighter for 20 years was making a difference, for some but not all.
I was missing something in my life so I started searching and for me this is what made a difference. 

I knew I needed to be working for myself on a schedule that I set, balancing time with my Family, Children & work (It was not an easy road, but I have no regrets for the time I have gotten back).

When will you allow yourself to open up your Mind & Heart to what really matters to you, to the things that really matter to you.

Are you one of the many whose dreams are lost every 10 seconds ?

We may choose careers for the following:
Money (sacrificing time & memories) 
Security (Non-Existenct in today's world) 
Prestige (Politics - it might be up to who you know)
Survival (Making whatever you can to just get by, sometimes known as paycheck to paycheck) 

Like a hand in a glove these 2 entities changed my Heart & Mind of what is possible.

Thus "Optimal Cells" was formed and the mission:            
      Improve The Health Of 1,000,000 Children.

Purpose, creating a ripple effect that will carry on for the rest of their lives developing in a healthy life.

Team members are either a Certified Health Coach or USANA Representative.

So I do not mis represent the message they share I will provide a link for you to click on after a brief introduction. If what you are currently doing is leaving you feeling like something is missing, or are unhappy with your pay, work environment or lost time, consider this the beginning of your search for a better life.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

World renowned teachers in the filed of Health & Well Being.
Understanding that health is more than just the food you eat or don't eat.

USANA The Cellular Nutrition Company
Dr. Wyron Wentz,
I Dream of a World Free from Pain & Suffering. I Dream of a World Free from Disease.
You can be a part of this passion.

                  How different the world would be if more Children were encouraged to become Entrepreneurs. 

Success for Teens   
This is where it needs to begin, encouraging our Children to dream big and think big. Free E-Book Here

With guidance and available resources to help them understand that life can be as wonderful as they imagine.
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