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1913: Vitamin A discovered

The first vitamin to be discovered was Vitamin A in 1913.

An English biochemist named Frederick Gowland Hopkins found unknown factors present in milk that were not fats, proteins, or carbohydrates, but were required to aid growth in rats.

He called this nutrient “factor A”, and later this fat-soluble nutrient became known as Vitamin A.

Hopkins was later awarded the Nobel Prize in 1929 for his discovery. 8


Important to note the following: The term "vitamin A" makes it sound like there is one particular nutrient called "vitamin A," but that is not true. Vitamin A is a broad group of related nutrients. Each of these nutrients provides us with health benefits, but these benefits may be quite different and they may be provided in different ways.  

What role does Vitamin A have for toddlers to teens. The major growing years physically and mentally. Vitamin A is highly associated with vision health. Here are a few more that have a huge impact for overall health especially our Children: Immune Systems, Inflammatory Systems, Cell Growth for Development and Bone Metabolism.

For a more in-depth understanding of Vitamin A and a summary chart showing basic relationships between the forms of vitamin A visit 

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