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Late Nights Ruining Your Hormones?

Something we all take for granted, everyday, every week, every month. The reason's can be many but also common -  stress, employment, relationships, money, not filling fulfilled with career choice. Although Women and Men sometimes have different reasons for not getting enough sleep the fact is that in adequate sleep on a weekly basis adds up to years of loss (needed) sleep. Dr. Jolene Brighten has written a excellent & brief article to shed much needed light on how lack of sleep affects Women's overall health.

For some Women lack of sleep is the constant stressful thoughts going on inside their minds. Women tend to put themselves last, and often do not ask for help. Not asking for help could be the stigma that a "Real Women" can do it all. This is not only so untrue but also so unfair. If Women started to look at all they do in a day they may surprise themselves. 

Wouldn't it be nice to loose a couple of inches in the waist, quite possible if you get to be around 10 every night, cut back on sugar (both liquid & starchy foods), try not eating after 8 PM, "Please" "Please" have breakfast. When you skip breakfast the body goes into a feast or famine mode. Food is stored and not properly digested due to the body thinking that we need to store this food (not sure when we are gonna get to eat again). Ask any some Women and they can tell you that they can gain weight without eating any food. This is  a sign that the body is out of balance.

Dr Jolene Brighten does have nutritional supplements she recommends. I recommend Pure Rest from USANA Health Sciences which can be viewed here.

I would like to thank Dr. JoLene Brighten (Website Here) for sharing her knowledge and insight for improving the health of Women.

"As Always, From Me to You in Health & Happiness"