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How Stress Impacts Your Food Choices

Time to share an article from one of my favorite people in regards to health. If you haven't heard of Dr. Libby Weaver please visit her site and you will see why she is Australia & New Zealand's favorite daughter.

"This Article" is so true and explains clearly why we choose the foods we do when we are happy or stressed. A great book to go along with this article is "The Rushing Woman's Syndrome". I encourage all men, son's, boyfriend's and husband's to read this book to have a better understanding of a woman's needs. 

From yesterday's post on pregnancy we need to understand (most women all ready know this, men not so much) that if a woman already has a stressful life becoming pregnant only adds more to her plate. One of the challenges of constantly being under stress is the view that this will never end or this is how my life will always be (constantly putting out fires but never any time for me).

A trend that is becoming a big concern of mine is how young teenage girls are already experiencing food choices made from stress. I am aware that today is so much different than when I grew up in regards to what our Children are exposed to and have to deal with. Now more than ever our Children need us to be there for them to listen, as hard as this may be not to always give advice. That being said we can help young teenage girls from becoming to stressed later in life by developing habits today that will help them manage stress better than most of us do today.

"As Always, From Me to You in Health & Happiness"