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Pregnancy and The Baby You Have Within

Here is a really good and brief article on "Pregnancy" provided by the Glycemic Index Foundation. It lightly touches on the daily habits during pregnancy that can have latin effects on the child from birth to daily eating habits. There should no longer be a discussion on what is eaten by a Mother during pregnancy if it is going to effect the "Baby" during and after birth. We understand that during pregnancy the Mother has additional nutritional demands placed on her. Often times a Mother is told to eat as healthy as possible and stay away from alcohol consumption, that's it, no more additional information or suggestions given.

What would be nice to see is specific suggestions for what a expecting Mother is experiencing and how some foods can help with those experiences. I have yet to see a eating & lifestyle history pre pregnancy. This would greatly give insight to the nutritional health of the Mother. It is unfortunate that a female's health in regards to pregnancy isn't considered until she becomes pregnant. This is where previous eating & lifestyle habits will determine the overall health of the Mother to be. A common example after birth is that the baby does not want the Mother's breast milk. Possible cause is that the breast milk is not providing enough nutrition for the baby.

In addition to eating as wholesome as possible a high quality nutritional supplement is recommended. As a USANA representative I whole heartedly recommend the Prenatal Cellsentials (previously Babycare Prenatal)and would encourage your doctor to use the PDR (Physician Desk Reference) and see our listing. By providing the expecting Mother with all the needed nutrients at the cellular level she can be reassured that she will not be missing vital nutrients throughout her busy day.

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