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Arthritis Part 1: Painful Joints Respond To Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Painful joints are usually not acknowledged until the discomfort becomes painful (I know what your thinking). This can be contributed to many factors, lack of sleep, financial issues (we all need money), employment, so busy with doing things that we don't take the time to take care of ourselves, and possibly by certain types of medications (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, example Ibuprofen) that numb the pain making you believe that all is better when in fact you were only masking the discomfort/pain until eventually the affected joint suffers more damage.

The reason I am bringing this discussion up is to be pro active in actually preventing or lessing to a greater degree adults affected with joint discomfort/pain. So what is a possible solution for prevention, starting with our Children. This is where eating wholesome foods combined with "Nutritional Supplementation"will build a strong cellular system. Enabling our cells to function, perform and build a foundation of health. This is really where it all starts. The "Compound Effect" (Consistent daily action or habits over time will produce a condition, good or bad) for your future health & wellbeing really starts when you are born and growing up in the teen years. Some of us were avid sport participants, yet we often don't look into why in our later years we have joint discomfort/pain (this is just part of getting gold). Often it has not been explained that what we put into our mouth will either support us or break us down later in life. WE don't always gain weight later in life because our metabolism slowed down. Often it is our daily consumption of food like substances that overtime contribute to weight gain.

I'm from the Detroit area so I will use a car analogy. Our Children were born as a Ferrari, would you really want to put soda in the gas tank, would you want to use bad fat when it is time for a oil change. The real engine for all Children, the Mother, this is where the Child will get all of the nutrients it will need for growth & development while she has the baby within her. The Mother's eating habits will have an effect on the newborn's health. Contrary to some popular beliefs Soda is not a good choice (when consumed the ingredient - Phosphoric Acid, takes calcium out of the body) Calcium is needed in synovial fluid for knee health and function. 

Julie Daniluk has written a excellent article on explaining the benefits of "Inflammatory Foods", Providing our cells what they need for functioning and repairing of the body. One question I often ask myself does medication help the body repair or does it mask the discomfort. Please keep in mind that for some people medication has shown to be beneficial.

Julie's complete article can be read Here.

"As Always, From Me to You in Health & Happiness"