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Pregnancy Fatigue

Understanding Pregnancy Fatigue, 
How to Beat the Fatigue

I can only try to understand the demands placed on a woman during pregnancy. The physical changes alone can be draining because of the energy needed during pregnancy. Men we have it so easy, or was it GOD knew we couldn't handle pregnancy and giving birth. Understanding pregnancy fatigue that your spouse, significant other is experiencing will help you take better care of her. The well being of the Woman during pregnancy is the responsibility of the Mother to be and the spouse or the significant other. We often hear people say that the hit a wall and feel totally drained. Imagine when you felt this way and you have 1000 demands placed on you and there is no time off.

These demands must be done and sometimes it is only the Woman to do them, while she may be pregnant. Meals need to be made, house needs to be cleaned, clothes need to be washed, errands need to be done, bills need to be payed, auto needs fuel, grocery's need to be bought, and yes ? Sometimes Woman also have a career that is not 9 - 5 hours. Work is also coming home after work hours so her day is packed with even more things to do.

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