Health Coach to Children of The World

Brains of Overweight People Look Ten Years Older Than Those of Lean Peers

Another reason to be pro active about our Children's Health. The shrinking of white matter in the brain decreases one's ability to learn. With society becoming more competitive as we speak, our Children are now competing with other Children globally. Academic endeavors can be less stressful if our Children have higher scores for possible financial assistance. Or another way of looking at this, with more brain white matter used our Children can more fully express there intellect. There endeavors whatever they may be, Academic, Trade Skill, Art or Music with Parent encouragement can be fully realized. With the challenges our Children face on a daily basis being pro active on brain health is another sound habit to develop that will impact their entire life. Isn't it awesome to know that as a parent we can help our Children develop such a small healthy habit  that will bring them a lifetime of possibilities.

Here is a link for a short read on Brain White Matter shared by  The Guardian Website.