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Nutrition (Food ) Table Video for Kids-Food Pyramid -Heathy Diet

This video is trying to explain healthy eating to Children, I will give them credit for that. Myself, Parents and most other health professionals would not agree that our Children would need to eat more bread. The food pyramid presented is slightly outdated. The major part of a Child's food consumption should be vegetables & fruit. Often Children are consuming food like substances which are made mostly of chemicals, salt or sugar. When I have speaking engagements if is often challenging to get parents to look 10 years into the future. This video does explain the benefits of eating wholesome foods. Also sharing with the viewer why we need to have protein, vitamins & minerals daily. I have seen way too many Children become obese and yet some some Parents are not willing to change the eating & lifestyle habits for the well being of their Child. Chronic health conditions: Stroke, Diabetes, Apnea, shrinking of the brain (common condition when people become obese).

What I want for myself is what I want for everyone. To live life in the fullest and being of service to those that need my service.

Enjoy the video:

"As Always, From Me to You in Health & Happiness"