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How Much Sugar Do Your Kids Eat?

454 ?
So what does this number mean? Not seconds in a 10 minute period, Not hours in a month, Not days in the year. This number should be one number that not only sticks in your head but you constantly look for everyday. 

454 Grams = 1 pound !!!

Let's break it down throughout the day. Breakfast - bowl of cereal 10 grams - with milk add 11 grams, a 8 oz. glass of orange juice = 21 grams, = 42 grams of sugar for breakfast five times a week totaling 210 grams of sugar for the week in breakfast alone. Look at what goes into your Child's lunch and you can see there is more sugar in possible drink choices and snacks. We are over taxing the pancreas with sugar to a point where sometimes it no longer responds to blood sugar levels. Sometimes this can cause Type II Diabetes. Other possible effects are the development of fat in the stomach of girls or the stomach and breast of boys. Most Children do not gain weight for no apparent reason. We need to look at exactly what is going into their mouths. 

Thank you Amy Roskelley for this great article from showing the sugar content of some food like substances your Child may be eating. Well worth the read, click here.