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Maternall And Post-Natal Nutrition And Our Children's Behavior

Food is fuel, Food is fuel, Food is fuel. I know myself I have said this many of times. One point I have not shared enough is that "Food" also effects our way of thinking and behaving. With adults it may be subtle but over time some people will have behavior changes that are easily observed. With our Children we often do not look at the food or food like products they are consuming. For some reason we tend to look at other areas such as sleep, he just has high energy, or possibly Family health history. I think one area we may not look at is what we buy to feed our kids. No one wants to be judged for neglecting their Children from some fun food. To look at food as being fun is exactly how processed food company's want you to think. Their marketing says it to you everyday through commercials. Food like substances are presented to you in bright colors, showing fun and convenience (don't worry about making a meal, look how easy it is). I am not expecting you to understand every ingredient, but if you take the time to know a few you may be surprised at how unhealthy they may be.

Today's article is from "That Sugar Film" website, this is a wonderful site for informing us on what sugar is and can be doing to our Children. Please read the article here.

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