Health Coach to Children of The World


We often hear about heart health & adults. Myself and others really believe this approach is truly preventive health care. As more and more study's confirm our early childhood years have a profound effect on our future health. I know I have mentioned this in previous post, the "Compound Effect" in regards to daily lifestyle habits will eventually show themselves. Probably the most important place to start preventive health care is with our Children. The over consumption of sugar in all it's forms & disguises (juice, cereals, breads, snacks, sport drinks, teas, sauces). Some how we have the lost that desire to really appreciate the wonders of wholesome foods. We know consume food like substances unknowingly for mental and physical stimulation (sugar found to be more addictive than cocaine). In my life nothing is more precious to me than my Children's well being. I am sure that they are not happy with the restrictions I have in regards to junk food and processed foods. Often I mention to them once they are 18 years of age they can eat whatever they want. I am hoping that good eating habits will prevail and to the fact that I am walking my talk. At 51 years of age myself I don't look my age. I contribute this to my daily eating and lifestyle habits.

Living in North America we don't always have access to the best resources. One such resource is "That Sugar Film" which is only available in Australia thus far. Help me in expressing to "That Sugar Film" that I would be a excellent choice as coordinator for Michigan & Ontario Canada. 

Today's featured article is from this excellent resource and can be read here.