Health Coach to Children of The World

The Case for Eating Breakfast

What can I say, I am a stickler for Breakfast. Now do we all need a full breakfast in the morning to get us going ? No, all of us have different "Bio-Individuality" needs. So Chris, what does "Bio-Individuality" mean, when it comes to eating and daily healthy habits what works for me may not work for you. I myself like to have a big breakfast, 2 eggs/tomato slices/half a pink grapefruit/banana/and a fruit smoothy with MySmart Food Shake. For some Children & Teens it could just be a Washington red apple or a handful of grapes. Well Chris my Child has a glass of orange juice in the morning does that count. Most fruit juices have added sugar in them. When eating a orange the sugar is released slowly into our body's. Creating a gradual increase of energy within us vs a all out smack on our blood sugar levels through consuming some juices. This article is a short read which I hope gives you some suggestions for getting the day started. Even though my focus is on Children & Teens you as a parent can have the greatest impact by being an example for your Children. No one likes to be told: Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

Again thank you for sharing this article which can be read here.