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Breakfast for Learning

When it comes to breakfast often it is not given much thought. The first meal of the day could be the most important meal of the day. I have 2 teenagers, 1 rises bright and early, the other I need a crain to get out of bed. One routinely has a healthy breakfast, the other has something to eat maybe. What I notice most is their state of mind. One is happy and looking forward to the day. The other is grouchy, moody and speaks if they want to. When both parents aren't on the same page when it comes to breakfast the child has a way out so to speak. Study after study shows the benefits of Children having a healthy breakfast. Why as parents we have chosen to neglect this meal could be a multitude of reasons. The biggest one I see is lack of time. As parents lets be honest, do we really need to stay up till midnight watching tv or bringing home work. Our minds can do amazing things when it is rested. One thing I like to do is use a timer for some task so I know how long it takes me and I can plan my day accordingly. 

Although this article says that nearly half of all Family's skip breakfast I would not be surprised if the number is much higher. Contrary to popular belief breakfast cereal is not a healthy choice (added sugar). Some Children & Teens prefer a protein drink for breakfast. The choice of mine and Olympic Athletes is MY SmartShake.You can read the complete article here from

"As Always, From Me to You in Health & Happiness"