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Why Organic is Critical for Children

There are numerous debates in regards to the benefits of organic & non-organic fruits and vegetables. Mostly focusing on nutritional content. Myself and others believe that are far more pressing concern should be the chemical content of non-organic fruits and vegetables. As a child is in the early stages of development especially the liver there ability to filter out ingested chemicals is greatly impaired. Glyphosate, one of the active ingredients in the most widely used chemicals on vegetables and fruits (known cancer causing). This list goes on, that would need to be a discussion in person to really address the vast amount of concern in regards to chemical ingestion from non-organic vegetables & fruits. As a parent our role of protecting our Children has grown widely or hasn't it? With the introduction of processed foods we were led to believe that our biggest concern of eating food would be easy, convenient and healthy. When we allow others to think for us, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have our best interest in mind. While the cost of organic vegetables and fruits can be expensive I suggest looking into your local farmers if they are available. Ask them what chemicals they use in their farming methods. Sometimes the fee to be labeled as farming organic is too costly. 

The greatest gift we were given is the ability to choose. Please be honest with yourself in regards to your Childs health. If your Child becomes overweight is it really genetics? Take the time to look at exactly what your Child is consuming. As parents we have the biggest impact on how our Child develops and looks at life. 

For a really good read into "Why Organic is Good for Our Children" click here. This is a brief article written by Julie Daniluk, the voice of "Anti-Inflammatory Foods" that help the body heal within.