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Working Parents: How to Get It All Done

Working Mom's & working Dad's this is the reality of most Family's. Your either working over 40 hours or under 40 hours. You may have the money to make ends meet (but no time off to spend with your Family) or you have too much month at the end of the money (bills, bills, and more bills). Inspite of this your Family (or Child) needs you to be there for them. So let's start with some tips to try, pick a few or try all of them throughout the day. 

Break Down Tasks - seems easy enough, the challenge is to being consistent on a daily basis so you can see the task completed. 

Create Schedules - I know it can sometimes feel like your day is locked in with nothing left for you. Truth is, you will get use to scheduling and you will find peace of mind. A big bonus, when your Child wants to share something you won't be distracted by other thoughts. 

Be Flexible - occasionally you will hit a bump in your daily schedule. Understand that this will happen to everyone. 

Ask For Help - If your kids are 5 years or older they are happy to help you out at home. Explaining to them how busy you are with work and that if choirs around the house can get done you can spend more time with them.

The complete article can be read Here. Thank you to my trusted business partner USANA Health Sciences for sharing this article.