Health Coach to Children of The World

Discuss the Importance of Healthy School Food for Kids

I am always excited watching a video when you can feel the passion of the people especially when it aligns with my mission in life. Nowhere will the future of a country be more impacted than by the health of their Children. The current Obesity Epidemic affecting todays Youth & Teenagers is unprecedented. Most people are looking at the present and not looking in the near future of the compounding health & employment consequences. Health complications alone will be devastating to most of the Future Generation. We have come to take for granted that current school lunch programs have our Children's well being in mind. Sadly to say this is not true, our Children's lunch program have become more focused on making profit at the expense of our Children's well being. A short video explaining the importance for the overall development of our Children through nutrition is Available Here. Here is a great website for PTA's & PTO's to visit and get great ideas for implementing into school lunch programs, the catchy name is The Lunch Box